Well, sort of. Emily DiGiovanni’s a writer and a reader, just like her father. But the scope of her talents far exceeds mine, which probably has something to do with genetics and evolution (with a sprinkle of creationism and a pinch of chaos theory!). Emily’s a writer, just like her father (although her father writes prose and she writes poetry). But she’s also an excellent photographer, artist  and film maker. Her radar and sonar are tuned to detect even the faintest signals of beauty, which she decodes into remarkable images and sounds.

This link to identity theory, the excellent online literary magazine, will take you to a profile of Emily DiGiovanni, with her own thoughts on her poetry as well as samples of her work: www.identitytheory.com/featauth/emily_digiovanni.php

Finally, a visual treat. Here are three of her photos. In order: The Eclipse, The Pearl and Interplay.

The Eclipse
The Eclipse


The Pearl
The Pearl


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