Thank God he didn’t become that, hanging out at his Jersey Shore mansion eating banana-with-peanut butter sandwiches and shooting out his television sets and making bad beach movies. But when I was 17 years old and saw unknown Bruce Springsteen in Niagara Falls playing on his first-ever tour of college campuses with his E Street Band, it rang true when his performance reached a fever pitch — I think maybe they were playing “Rosalita” — and this skinny, scraggly bearded, Jersey Shore hipster named Bruce ripped off his shirt to reveal a T-shirt with glittery script that read ELVIS.

Rising star Bruce Springsteen
Rising star Bruce Springsteen

The great Bruce Springsteen performed last night at Giants Stadium. Click on this link:

Then click on SPRINGSTEEN. You’ll find an article about the concert and three video clips from last night’s show, with Bruce and the Band performing “Tenth Avenue Freezeout,” “Lonesome Day” and “Radio Nowhere.”


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