I’ve written about my encounters with Pete Seeger. Here’s some good news: The 89-year-old icon is putting out at album — titled, appropriately, “At 89.”

Here’s an article from Billboard magazine:

Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger

Folk legend Pete Seeger will release his first new album of studio recordings in five years this fall. The 32-track “At 89,” a nod to Seeger’s age, is due Sept. 30 via Appleseed Recordings.

According to a spokesperson, the material ranges from new takes on old favorites, vintage songs that have never appeared on an album and short banjo, guitar and recorder pieces.

Seeger will play a handful of shows through the end of the year, including his annual Seeger and Guthrie Thanksgiving concert on Nov. 29 at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Asked earlier this year by Billboard what his legacy will be, Seeger replied, “My family will remember me, and a few others. I’m one of a lot of songwriters. There’ll be more important things to think about. Mostly I’d urge people, don’t make heroes out of anybody. I’ve made a huge number of mistakes with my family, in singing and in politics, all sorts. So don’t copy what I’ve done. Please, make your own mistakes. Don’t make my mistakes over again.”


One thought on “Pete Seeger keeps on singing

  1. Now you and Pete are together, Nick. I’m wondering about your own legacy, not just your wonderful children or the memories you’ve left us with of you as reporter and editor, of your career as a journalist and a fine essayist and a novelist perhaps a bit too adventurous for the commercial presses. I’m thinking of the personal impact you had on people, how your curiosity and intelligence, your humor and storytelling talents, your remarkable memory for details from long ago, how all of it made for the totality of a lovely man and a friend I wish I had paid more attention to. You will always be special to me, your sharing of your values, of your love for books & writers that inspired me, that you responded to in me — this I will carry with me forever. How I hope you’re face to face with God right now. And yes, you made your mistakes, but who else should be there if not you.

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