That would be my former colleague and fellow writer Chuck Pizar, who just unveiled a blog called “Recovering Night Owl,” which he says will include “movie reviews; book reviews; music reviews; discussions about literature, painting, drawing, writing, comic strips, photography, and all the other arts; complaints; random creative thoughts; anything else that comes from or inspires creativity.”

In other words…it’s somewhat limited in scope. Visit Chuck’s new blog at and you’ll find his thoughts on when and if rock ‘n’ roll will ever die — and you’ll see that under his “Great Sites” category he’s listed some site called  “World of Wonders” at

Finally…Let’s give ourselves a cyberpat on the cyberback and note that the host of this Web site and blog,, regularly posts a list of “growing” blogs/Web sites attracting an increasing number of viewers/readers. And wouldn’t you know it — there on the list is “Nicholas DiGiovanni’s World of Wonders!”


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