I think the title of this entry translates to either “I am a jelly doughnut” or (more likely) “Every dog has its day.” To wit, this Aug. 6. 2008, report from The Associated Press:

ARECIBO, Puerto Rico: A pack of about 30 wild dogs have invaded an elementary school
in Puerto Rico and forced it to shut down. School director Jose Mejias says a pit bull almost attacked a student before employees chased it away and the school was temporarily closed as a safety precaution. Most of the dogs that had entered the school were caught by Wednesday afternoon.

About 100 people gathered outside to complain that authorities were too slow to respond to the invasion in the coastal town of Arecibo. Parent William Medina said an estimated 30 dogs were on the loose. Animal activists accuse Puerto Rico’s government of not doing enough to prevent widespread abandonment and abuse of pets across the island.

Your observant correspondent has seen first-hand the feral dogs on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. And those dogs are key characters in my unpublished novel, “The Dogs of Arroyo.” So, give me a minute, and I’ll post a piece called “The Hills of Arroyo,” an excerpt from the novel, which was published last year in a wonderful annual anthology titled “The Caribbean Writer.”


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