Here’s an article from The New York Times about the closing of Le Figaro, the beat/folk/hipster landmark coffeehouse at the corner of Bleecker and MacDougal streets in Greenwich Village:

Here’s a photo of the place:

I spent many an idle moment — and was idle for many a spent moment — at this place, at least until I decided that the Caffe Reggio up the street was somewhat cooler and cozier and a little less obviously touristy, and that Caffe Reggio was also more conveniently located across the street from my favorite bar, the Kettle of Fish, and a favorite hangout, Folk City, which was around the corner.

Anyway, Folk City’s gone. So’s the Kettle of Fish. So’s the Village Corner up the street, where this blind guy named Lance Hayward used to play piano and sing and drink TALL glasses of straight bourbon like he was drinking tall glasses of water.

Caffe Reggio, I’m happy to report, is still there on MacDougal Street:


And here’s a very important P.S.: I wrote recently about the death of Isaac Hayes. Well, in the movie “Shaft,” who do you think is the man that meets with a Mafia contact at none-other-than the Caffe Reggio? That’s right. Shaft. John Shaft. Can you dig it?!


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