When I was a kid – and a regular reader of DC Comics – I had a bad crush on Lightning Lass. But there’s no way she could compare to Galaxy Girl, who I saw last week at the Vermont State Fair in Rutland. Check out this video:


The video doesn’t quite capture the experience of seeing Galaxy Girl’s performance in person. I’m got to confess that I’m afraid of heights. I won’t even go on a Ferris wheel. I get a little queasy just looking at those famous photos of Margaret Bourke-White taking pictures out on the Chrysler building gargoyles.

Galaxy Girl rises to the occasion
Galaxy Girl rises to the occasion

So maybe that explains my reaction to Galaxy Girl’s exploits — when she began climbing to the very top of that slightly swaying tower, I just couldn’t watch anymore, and I ducked back into a nearby tent where I could learn more about how maple syrup is made and decrease the likelihood of being an eyewitness as Galaxy Girl turned the Vermont State Fairgrounds into a smoldering crater.


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