In a few days I’ll be posting information about the 11th annual Delaware Valley Poetry Festival, an event I organize in western New Jersey. The first one in 1998 featured the great Robert Pinsky, who had just become U.S. poet laureate. Robert was kind enough to return last year to mark the festival’s 10th anniversary. In between, the event has featured an impressive roster of poets including Paul Muldoon, Louise Gluck, Thomas Lux, Stephen Dobyns, Gerald Stern, Maria Mazzioti Gillan and Diane Wakoski.
This year’s edition, to be held Oct. 24 and Oct. 25 will feature nine up-and-coming younger poets who were recommended to me by some of those previously featured poets, including two who were touted by Pinsky.
So check back here in a few days for details.
In the meantime, you’ve got to see — and hear — this. I guess you could call it elevator music — but of a higher level. You’ll understand what I mean if you click on this link, sent to me today by Pinsky, which is a video of him reading one of his poems, Samurai Song.


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