That’s the title of a really good album put out by my friend and fellow writer Christian Bauman back in the days when he was a wandering troubadour and hadn’t yet discovered that he could write excellent novels — The Ice Beneath You, Voodoo Lounge and In Hoboken, which is the best of them all because it has a minor character, a cop who walks the beat in Hoboken, named Nick DiGiovanni!

Anyway, I never get to see Chris anymore now that he’s a famous novelist, except the occasional glimpse when I’m driving down Interstate 78 on my way to work and his stretch limo whizzes past me in the fast lane, and I catch a glimpse of Chris in the back seat where he’s sipping Courvoisier, listening to Miles Davis on his eight-track and reading “Visions of Cody” by Kerouac.

So until I see Chris again I’ll have to be content with reading this excellent interview at


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