Yesterday I posted a brief commentary on Blossom Goodchild and the Federation of Light, and the former’s prediction that spaceships operated by the latter would appear over Alabama on Tuesday.

I noted, about halfway through the day Tuesday, that the federation’s spaceship had not yet arrived, and so was hedging my bets — I wrote one commentary for use if and when the Federation’s starfleet failed to appear and another for use if and when the Federation’s starfleet did indeed appear.

What’s more, I promised my faithful readers, that if the Federation of Light visit predicted by Blossom Goodchild did indeed take place, I would, as they say here on the third planet from the star we call the Sun, log back on to this Web site and provide a much more detailed commentary and explanation of why I adhere without question to all of the teachings and obey without hesitation all instructions received from the great and wise leaders of the Federation.

So here’s the commentary I must now publish by way of this primitive device called by the human creatures by the name computer and transmitted by primitive electrical pulses referred to as a god named In-Ter-Net who is worshiped in a temples called by the humans by the name Web of the World Wide:

Dear Great Leader of the Federation of Light:

Welcome to our planet. Please understand that my previous feeble attempts at humor and satire — which you with your much greater intelligence easily understood to be thinly veiled mockery of you and your beautiful daughter and wise messenger Blossom Goodchild — were the product of my ignorance, not my disrespect, O great rulers, O great lords of the universe to whom I bow in gratitude for your decision to not incinerate me instantly with your death ray, I offer all praise and humbly remain…

Your obedient servant,


And here is a photo taken yesterday of me as I sat at my computer and met the Federation’s great and benevolent leader for the very first time:


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