Sometimes there’s more bad news than good news. Sometimes there’s more good news than bad news. Sometimes it’s pretty much a 50-50 balance and then it’s a question of whether you see the glass as half and empty or or half full. 

Today’s good news is that Obama’s still apparently got a comfortable lead over McPalin, according to the polls, and that the Anchorage Daily News has endorsed the Democratic candidate for president. That’s right, Anchorage, as in Alaska, as in the state where Sarah Palin will hopefully returned in less than two weeks.

The bad news, on the other hand, is really bad, and it’s that the glass has overflowed and this great land is awash with yahoos, lunatics, bigots, dolts, crazies and Fox News “reporters,” and my fellow Americans at the fringe group calling itself is posting dangerous and scary crap like this on its Web site:

Scary stuff. So let’s watch and listen to Bob Dylan’s video for a song from his album “Under the Red Sky:”

It’s unbelievable.



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