Can a song change the world? I walked into my favorite cafe this morning and John Lennon was singing “Tomorrow Never Knows” and I’m wagering that there’s a song that changed somebody’s world, maybe even mine.

What about something by Bach? By Charley Patton? By Billie Holiday? By Elvis? Did “That’s Alright Mama” change the world?

Here’s a link to a You Tube video of an around-the-world singalong to the song by Ben E. King, “Stand By Me.” The idea’s kind of like what Arlo Guthrie described in “Alice’s Restaurant” —  three people sing it, and they may think it’s an organization. Fifty people start singing it, fifty people a day, and they’ll think it’s a movement. It’s like Pete Seeger might say — get enough people singing a song together, they might even start clapping their hands, and if they’re clapping their hands, those hands will be too busy to do anyone any harm.

Here’s the  “Stand By Me” link:

Click on it and start singing!


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