A friend declares:
This…is the one piece of good news so needed in these bleak times…

He refers to the surprising news that Bob Dylan’s about to release a new album — titled “Together Through Life” and due to be released April 27 — less than three years after releasing “Modern Times” in 2006. The typical Dylan interlude in recent decades — from 1990’s “Under the Red Sky” to 1997’s “Time Out of Mind” to 2001’s “Love and Theft,” for example, ranged from four to seven years, not counting the Bootleg series and the two great collection of blues and traditional folk covers, “Good As I’ve Been To You” and “World Gone Wrong,” and yet another greatest hits collection, and the soundtrack to Scorcese’s documentary, and…

Here’s a glimpse of the songs on the new album, courtesy of Mojo magazine: http://www.mojo4music.com/blog/2009/03/new_dylan_album_our_first_list.html


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