I’m sending you images of the moon. It’s dipping and diving between black clouds. I’m looking at a river. I’m telling you about a bridge that crosses the river. I’m telling you about the darkness on the other side.

But there are lights on the bridge that crosses the river. The lights on the river are floating stars. And the moon’s a half moon, leaning forward. Its reflection floats on its back, drifting in the river, surrounded by stars.

You think about the moon. A pond becomes a river. You think about lights like floating stars and you think about the moon. And then it appears, the very same moon, come to visit, at my behest.
Who would have thought you could photograph this moon?


Who would have thought it could inspire such a poem?

When you see
the half moon
you can know

at the other end
of the lens
was me

thinking of you,
seeing it,
just as you do.

Goodnight, goodnight, and I’m lulled to sleep by moon songs tonight — “Moon River” and “Moondance” and “Mr. Moonlight” and a song called “Song About the Moon:”
If you want to write a song about the heart
Think about the moon before you start

This was my song about the heart, which I wrote after I stopped to tell you about the river, after I stopped to show you the moon.

There’s a half moon here and a half moon there, and together they equal a moon bright and full.


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