OK. Say what you will. I don’t care. I like this song, “Songbird,” by the late Eva Cassidy:

OK. I’ll give you this. If I start posting songs by John Denver, say, or Barry Manilow, or — God save me — Neil Diamond, then call the attendants from Wingdale, tell them where I am, and lock me away.

But someone I care about very much likes Eva Cassidy   — both her voice and the heart behind the voice. And I hear what she hears in this song, as well as in this version of Cassidy — who died in 1996, just 33 years old, of melanoma —  singing “Over the Rainbow”:

Relax. It’s OK. Eva Cassidy was (and probably still is) a beautiful spirit who had a beautiful voice. Pour a glass of wine. Close your eyes. And listen to the songbird sing…


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