So I’m sitting in a writer’s studio in the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, and it’s been an absolutely gorgeous day with deep blue skies and puffs of clouds and temperatures in the mid-60s for God’s sake and I’m supposed to be working on a novel but instead I’m gazing out a window at two brown horses who are totally ignoring the absolutely spectacular view of that mountain range in the distance, which view I’d like to share with someone who’s hundreds of miles away but it feels more like thousands or maybe millions of miles…So I need to remember what’s truly important, remind myself that miles are merely man-made measures, and what’s truly important are the things that can’t be measured by conventional means — such as the depth and breadth of love.

I need a song about love…hmmm…maybe something by the rajah of reggae, the Jesus of Jamaica, the truth-speaker of Trenchtown:

And now that I’ve got that out of my system (for now), here’s another great song by Bob Marley and the Wailers, and as we listen to it let’s lower the flag and bow our heads and ponder that Bob Marley has been gone now nearly thirty years, that when he died of cancer he was only 36 years old, and that his last words, spoken to son Ziggy, were: “Money can’t buy life…” The man who uttered that parting warning also wrote this great, great song, “One Love,” which is Marley’s reggae spin on Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready”:


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