One of the highest-traffic days ever for “Nicholas DiGiovanni’s World of Wonders” was a day during the presidential campaign when I wrote a satirical piece suggesting that Sarah Palin’s presence on the GOP ticket as the vice-presidential candidate was actually the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation’s apocalyptic vision as described in the secret message revealed by the opening of the Seventh Seal.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of page views and visitors (many of whom, I’m certain, thought the piece was factual, not satirical).

What did I learn?

One, that I guess I misread the Book of Revelation’s signs — Sarah didn’t get elected.

Two, I can draw many readers to my Web site (and its thought-provoking and eclectic mix of literary essays, humor pieces, cultural commentaries and original fiction) by once a week posting stuff I make up about Sarah Palin, who’s still out there running for something or other.

So here’s this week’s Sarah Palin report:

I rode out yesterday’s near-blizzard in New Jersey at a hotel located within a few hundred feet of the New Jersey Turnpike. At the height of the storm, I looked out at traffic crawling along that highway, saw a number of vehicles stranded in the breakdown lane — and there was SARAH PALIN, I’m assuming on the way to some Tea Party speaking engagement, and she was helping people dig out their cars and pushing them out of roadside snowbanks. She probably does stuff like this all the time when she’s up there in Alaska, but nevertheless it was really nice of her to take time off from her busy schedule to help people who were stranded by the snowstorm in New Jersey. She may actually have saved a few lives! I’m sure Sarah will be really low-key about her heroine-ism, but I think she deserves recognition.


3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin to the rescue!

  1. As mayor of Wasilla, Palin used to do the same thing. If folks drove into the ditches along the roadways when the snow fell heavily, she and her family–Track and Bristol were younger then but they ate a lot of moose and caribou hunted down by Sarah and Todd and so they were very able-bodied–everyone got out with shovels and dug under the wheels and then everyone dug in their heels and heave-ho’d until that vehicle was free, and the Palins had won new admirers. Soon they set up an espresso stand right there beside the highway selling high-caffeine refreshments to those who got stuck and others who stopped to help. All were friendly and contributed to her campaign fund. When she became governor, and spent lots of time in Juneau, the capital, the family opened a new espresso stand but handed out umbrellas because of Juneau’s wet climate. The Palins give and American has given back to them, eh?

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