Note: Traffic on this site soars whenever I mention Sarah Palin. So I’ve decided to write something about her at least once a week. Here’s this week’s Sarah Palin report:

Faithful readers of “World of Wonders” know that I posted several entries in recent weeks about the Feb. 20 grand opening of friend Steven Hart’s bookstore, Nighthawk Books, in Highland Park, N.J.  Well, the event went as well as I hoped it would — and then some!

Hundreds of people visited Steve’s store during the course of the day-long celebration.

AND….Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance!

What else can I say? Two weeks ago I reported seeing Sarah out on the New Jersey Turnpike, probably on her way to some high-paying speaking engagement, but instead saying “Well, the heck with that! I’m going to forget about that high-paying speaking engagement and help people dig their cars out of the snow!” One week ago I reported on Sarah’s amazing ice-skating performance at the Olympics up there in Canada (which is the country next to Alaska).

And now here was Sarah Palin — a highly educated woman who I believe actually attended something like six colleges but probably isn’t much of a reader because she’s so busy trying to become president – stopping at my friend’s bookstore.  In her impromptu speech, Sarah said she wanted to her “support of Mom-and-Pop type businesses and also this amazing bookstore run by Steve Hart that is filled with so many books that it makes you realize that there’s lots and lots of books you probably will never find the time to read, gosh darn it, but it’s good to know they’re there in case you feel like reading a book…”

Thanks, Sarah, for supporting my friend’s new independent bookstore — and for so graciously signing my second-hand copy of “Call of the Wild” by Jack London.

P.S. Yes, I’ll tell you what Sarah wrote: “To Nicholas DiGiovanni — Stop by and visit us next time if you’re ever up there in Alaska. Signed, Sarah Palin” And no, in case any of you were thinking about it, the book is not for sale!


One thought on “Sarah Palin’s visit is one for the books

  1. Well, the visit to Steve’s bookstore has had a remarkable effect, here now, almost 11 months later. Naturally Sarah Palin is aggrieved at the shootings in Tucson. More than that, however, she’s doing some serious “soul-searching” (like lots of folks have been advising all of us). And so Sarah is reading a lot these days. She still goes back to the Bible, of course–that goes w/o saying. But she’s also reading “Day of the Locust” by Nat West (she never did like Hollywood). She’s reading “Love & Napalm: Export USA” by J.G. Ballard (she figures she needs to change her views of Ronald Reagan’s politics and of political assassination in view of Saturday’s sad events) and she’s trying to tackle “Naked Lunch” (she’s hoping to bone up on drug addiction and maybe try to finally have compassion for society’s poor marginalized addicts, dope heads, crackpots). All of this indicates a new gravitas, which I for one am pleased to see. We don’t think she’s ready yet for “Dreams of My Father,” but after tomorrow’s speech in Tucson by Obama? Could very well be.

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