I’ve been distracted by life’s soundtrack. There’s been the usual sour notes, off-key chords and discord. And there’s been, more and more, beautiful music  — symphonies of souls in tandem, fugues of faith, ballads of belief, happy harmonies.

Distracted…and meanwhile Johnny Maestro dies, at the age of 70, somewhere in Florida…far from the Brooklyn Bridge….

Yes, THAT Johnny Maestro, lead singer of The Brooklyn Bridge, which somehow scored a hit with the chest-puffed, beefed-up, melodramatic “The Worst That Could Happen” right smack in the midst of the FM-oriented, album-rock Beatles and Dylan and Gang musical revolution.

For the record, here’s that song:

But here’s my real point…I never knew that none-other-than a very young Johnny Maestro himself was the lead singer of one of the greatest doo-wop groups ever — The Crests! It’s Johnny Maestro singing lead on one of the greatest doo-wop songs ever.

All I have to say is rest in peace… and “Bravo! Maestro!”


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