This is what can happen when your soul is battered to the point where your spirit is bruised — and the bruises never heal.

Listen to Rick Danko — young, hip, endearing, soulful, so talented  — singing “It Makes No Difference” at The Band’s farewell concert, “The Last Waltz” in the late 1970s.

And now read him and weep as you watch poor Rick Danko — old before his time, overweight, weary, burned out from life — as he sings the song again in the 1990s just before he died from heart failure after years of drug addiction:

Rest in peace, Rick Danko, rest in peace…I pray you are in a place where you are no longer battered by the slams and slaps of love…that you are in a place where your bruises and wounds have all healed.


One thought on “Battered and bruised…

  1. Danko must have had good reasons to let himself go to where he lost control over himself. One of the YouTube comments about the 1997 performance noted that he had lost a son a short time before he sang “Makes No Difference” … That would do it.
    Every member of The Band was talented. Each of them played multiple instruments. A good band to listen to when the son doesn’t shine any more.

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