True or false?
Nicholas DiGiovanni likes ukulele music.
True, believe it or not.

Earlier this summer I found myself on the lower East Side of Manhattan in a cozy little venue called Googie’s for an evening of ukulele music, including a great performance by Emmy-award winner J. Walter Hawkes, a friend I met early this year at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, where Walter did me the great honor of collaborating with me in a public performance for VCCA fellows as I read one night from a couple of my fictions and was accompanied by the talented Mister Hawkes on his very bluesy and very jazzy trombone.

No, I did not have a nervous breakdown after two hours of listening to Walter (performing solo) and two other groups of ukulele virtuosos. It was fun, creative music with more complexity and nuance than you might think.

Here’s a video of Walter singing and performing (on the ukulele, accompanied by a bass player and a drummer) one of his self-penned songs from a new CD, “Uke and the Night and the Music.”

And here’s a link to Walter’s website, where you can order the CD and check out a schedule of performances (most in New York City and mostly with his trio and quartet):


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