Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

The greatest, saddest, truest, most hopeful Christmas song ever…


Quoth The Ravens….

I have reason to believe that Christmas Eve will find me in the company of my own long deep winter thoughts and a tall glass of Bailey’s Irish Creme. As I sit in an apartment somewhere in the swamps of Jersey, as all out-of-doors looks darkly in at me through the thin frost, I will be listening to the greatest-ever rendition of “Silent Night,” recorded by R&B legends The Ravens more than sixty Christmas Eves ago in 1948:

Winter song

December never felt so wrong…

Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson ask life’s most important question:
Is love alive?

The answer: Love does not die…even when a winter storm rolls in from the sea…

It was Christmas Eve, babe…

This song by the Irish band The Pogues is spinning on my inner turntable today…

It just so moving..so very human…a take-your-breath-away beautiful Christmas song for the ages — and a great sad love song, too, I think:

Was Elvis ever lonely at Christmas?

Yes, indeed.

“Blue Christmas” has got to be Elvis’ most famous Christmas tune. It was even covered by Porky Pig.

But here’s his greatest, and saddest, and truest Christmas performance:

A high note for the holidays

This video’s making the rounds of cyberworld…chances are you’ve already seen it…last I read, the YouTube views were approaching 20 million…it’s a flash performance of Handel’s “Hallelujah’ chorus performed at a shopping mall food court in Canada.

It’s wonderful…and my emotions are very close to the surface these days…and the performance is so joyful and loving that every time I see it and hear it, it brings tears to my eyes.

Apparently the idea of the “flash mob” rendition of the holiday classic has spread throughout Christmas nation, as other groups of performers have been gathering unannounced at other shopping mall food courts to stand up on heir plastic chairs and belt out “Hallelujah!” God bless us, Everyone!