The early bird gets the girl

Just got an email from a flower shop where I’ve purchased blooms before — for a birthday, for Valentine’s Day, for Christmas, for no special reason. The email is an ad for Valentine’s Day bouquets. It advises (or warns) that “The Early Bird Gets the Girl” and suggests I order red roses right away. The featured bouquets: “Forever Beloved,” “P.S. I Love You” and “Be My Love.” No, I won’t be ordering those — and not “Hugs and Kisses,” “Heart and Soul” and “Love’s Divine” either. Maybe the “Always on My Mind” arrangement? No, best to send a song…the great Steve Earle’s not sending flowers…he’s singing that he’s never been “Lonelier Than This”….



Whiteout. Blizzards of regret. Drifting thoughts. Snowed in by sorrow. Thin ice.

No need for any more wintry words…they won’t stoke the warming fire…they won’t quell the howling wind….

See that she has a coat so warm….Dylan and Cash…eloquently…sounds that come from deep within a heart where persistent embers flicker with the remnant spark of love…

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn

You’re wide awake at 3 a.m. and still you’re all alone. Still the same old heavy heart, still heavy as a stone. Then that song begins to play, soundtrack of your night, your sad and hopeless serenade, your not-a-lullaby:

Taking the pledge

It’s hopeful, heartfelt, plaintive and sad. It’s late at night, and he’s all alone, and the late, great Johnny Ace is down on his knees, pleading and praying…and pledging his love.

If you bend it, you can’t mend it…

Forgot about the overwrought rendition by Linda Ronstadt. Here it is from the source — Kate and Anna McGarrigle sing their song “Heart Like a Wheel” at the legendary Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Her love is like a sinking ship and her broken heart’s aboard….

Sleepless nights

Ray Davies wrote “I Go to Sleep” for the Kinks, years before he fell in love with the lead singer of The Pretenders. Here’s the version by Chrissie Hynde…They haven’t been together for a long time…Are they able to sleep at night now? Or do they still hear this song in their heads, in the darkness, in the night?