It was something I’ve never seen — and hope to see again. Let me set the scene.

What I saw this morning made me think back to those dark days before the Enlightenment. I refer, of course, to those pre-“pooper-scooper” days when I stepped in dog droppings more times than I care to remember…and when no one I knew used the phrase dog “droppings.”

The first “pooper-scooper” law was enacted in New York City as a public-health measure in 1978. Mayor Ed Koch was barking up the right tree when he commented at the time, ““If you’ve ever stepped in dog doo, you know how important it is to enforce the canine waste law.”

But let’s not get detoured in this discussion by the notion of the mayor of America’s greatest city talking about “dog doo.”

Let’s get to what I saw when I stepped outside this morning. Directly across the the street was a lady with dog. The dog was poised to deposit its dog doo on someone’s lawn. Or so it seemed, until I realized that the lady was crouched down behind her dog’s behind and was holding a plastic bag — in which expertly caught her doggie’s doo as it dropped out of the dog’s, um, doggie doo dispenser.

I was left speechless. And now I have nothing more to say.. except, perhaps, that’s it’s apparently true — what goes around comes around and every dog really does have its day!


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