The campaign seeking pledges to help defray production costs for the Black Angel Press publication of my novella “Rip” — a modern-day parody of the Washington Irving’s classic “Rip van Winkle” — is just about halfway toward achieving the $1,200 goal.

Here’s a link to the project website, including a description of the book, details of the project, a list of people who have already pledged, and information on how to make a pledge, which takes about five minutes:

Keep in mind that the amount pledged is not charged to your credit or debit card until the funding goal is reached. What’s more, if the funding goal is not reached by the target date at the end of September, then no pledges can be collected; the pledges are collected only if the goal is reached.

As it happens, I just spent a few days visiting Washington Irving’s beloved Hudson River valley. Above are a few photos I snapped while out on the river. The first, taken late in the afternoon, feels to me like the beautiful and dramatic river landscape Irving described with such affection and warmth. The second, taken at sunset from a bluff overlooking the river, evokes for me the magic and mystery of those very old hills where old Rip van Winkle fell into his lengthy slumber and Ichabod Crane encountered a very disconcerting sight in the moonlit wooded hills of Sleepy Hollow.

Please consider making a pledge. As little as $15 gets you a copy of the book when it’s published — hopefully before the end of the year. Double that pledge, and for $30 you get a copy signed by the author! For even more generous pledges, there are even better rewards! Click on the above link for further details.


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