As part of marketing plans for my novellas “Rip” (a modern-day parody of “Rip van Winkle”) and “The Dogs of Arroyo” (a spooky and surreal parable set in Puerto Rico) which both have a publication target date of November 15, I’ve started a Twitter feed.

So, if you’re a tweeter or a reader of tweets (to paraphrase either Shakespeare or Groucho, I forget which), and would be kind enough to “follow” my tweets (does that sound funny to you, too?!), you’ll find updates about the status of both projects — and other writing-related matters — at @nidigiovanni as well as at @vcca, which is the feed for Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, which has kindly offered (and has already begun) to publicize the books, which are being published by a new independent publisher, Black Angel Press.

More information is and will be available, too, via this blogsite as well as at and


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