Robin Gibb

Yes, disco sucked. And the Bee Gees were among the worst offenders. As Barry Gibb suggested in a recent interview aired after the death of another Bee Gee brother, Robin, it became practically dangerous for any of them to be seen wearing white suits in public. The shame of it was that the Bee Gees actually produced some good music in their pre-disco incarnation, including “I Started a Joke,” “Holiday” and this song, sung by Robin Gibb. It dates from the late 1960s; when I heard it a decade or so later, it conjured up thoughts of a beautiful girl I’d loved and lost, who hailed from the land of Red Sox and dropped R’s.



One thought on ““And the lights all went out in Massachusetts…”

  1. Interesting that he died in such close proximity to Donna Summer. Two members of the Disco royalty passing on after their “last dance.”
    I didn’t like disco per se, but I think the Bee Gees “Saturday Night Fever” tracks are among the better things pop music has done. I can’t hear them without fixing myself at a certain time in a particular place. It was not a happy time, but it was real and important. And their music was the notable background to it.

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