Here’s what it looked like last week as I gazed out over my toes at the waters off Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island:

Robert Frost noted that the thoughts of a boy are long, long thoughts. So are mine, at least when I’m near the ocean. I dream, wonder, think, marvel, ponder, admire and savor, all without the effort usually required for such activities.  It all washes over me in waves….like the lines in John Lennon’s song, “Across the Universe:”

Pools of sorrow waves of joy

Are drifting through my opened mind

Possessing and caressing me.


Jai Guru Deva. Om

To which I add “Amen” and “Please pass the sunscreen.”

But a more exact hint at what I feel in the presence of the ocean might be found in this wonderful poem by Emily Dickinson…who somehow got it, even though she never actually saw the ocean:

As if the Sea should part /And show a further Sea –/And that — a further — and the Three /But a presumption be — Of Periods of Seas — /Unvisited of Shores — /Themselves the Verge of Seas to be — Eternity — is Those —


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