OK, it’s really “Greensleeves,” but it sounds just like “What Child is This?” So here’s the John Coltrane Quartet, circa 1961, live at the Village Vanguard:


One thought on “Hip to the holiday

  1. I own The John Coltrane Quartet album BALLADS, which features 5 versions of “Greensleeves,” including what became a 45-rpm release in the early ’60s but not apparently this live version at the Vanguard. (Why there are so many, I don’t know. They’re not that different from each other.) The melody of “Greensleeves,” of course, was created in medieval England, well before the lyrics of “What child is this?” were grafted on to it the way the Christian celebration of Christ’s birth was slathered over the Saturnalia solstice celebrations of ancient Rome. I don’t know why we don’t leave well enough alone. Merry Saturnalia!

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