Guess who’s never going to visit — or drive through — Gilberton, Pa.?

Me. This hick town near Pittsburgh has apparently become the new epicenter for the crazy, stupid, angry, racist lunatics with very little brainpower but lots of firepower (courtesy of the NRA, the folks who brought you Newtown) who are taking over this country.

A crackpot named Mark Kessler, the police chief in Gilberton (he’s also on the local school board, God help us) has posted a series of crazy, violent, obscenity laced YouTube videos in which he fires off automatic weapons on public streets, and rants against everyone from Nancy Pelosi to civil-rights groups to all of us anti-American, anti-Constitution assholes who want to take away his guns.

He’s also started an organization called Chief Kessler’s Constitution Security Force and calling on his fellow gun crazies to rise up and get rid of people he refers to as “libtards.”

This lunatic is firing automatic weapons in public, inciting people to violence, behaving in a crude and quite clearly psychotic manner, using obscene and threatening language — and the mayor of his town says the chief’s doing this on his private time and has a constitutional right to self-expression.

Not when you’re the police chief. Not when your job is to protect the populace. The town should suspend this guy immediately, take away his guns, and order him to undergo a psychological evaluation — although I’m thinking they should make sure they have armed guards protecting them when they do it. The state attorney general and the Department of Justice should step in immediately. This jackass is armed and dangerous, poisonous and vile.

It’s absolutely unbelievable that this guy’s allowed to run loose — never mind run a police department and help run a school system.

Then again, maybe it’s not unbelievable at all. There’s a lot more just like him ready to ooze out from under the same rock where this slime resides.


3 thoughts on “Armed and dangerous

  1. I decided not to watch the video. I don’t wish to spoil my day. Thanks for letting us know about this a-hole and posting a rant that I wish I’d written. The scary part—you’re right about “a lot more just like him.” … The Stand Your Ground laws were designed to legalize manslaughter by these scumbags.

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