Happy John Lennon’s birthday (Oct. 9)

! I think this is my favorite post-Beatles Lennon:

And here’s my favorite John Lennon/ Beatles song….Take 26 of Strawberry Fields Forever:

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3 thoughts on “Nothing is Real

  1. After “Strawberry Fields” finished playing, an ad appeared on the bottom of the screen promoting information available regarding intelligent concealed carry of handguns. Did the advertising process here think I was interested in that idea? Did they figure that someone who likes listening to The Beatles would wear a firearm on their hip, reciting “Mother Superior jumped the gu-u-un …”? Does Nicholas D., a guy not known to play things close to the vest, advocate concealed carry? Mysteries proliferate! … BTW, why is “Take 26” better than whatever take was the official release? How is it different?

    1. Didn’t know that ad was there — especially sad and ironic considering the horrible and stupid tragedy of John Lennon’a death. As for that take of the song — it’s the version before they slowed it down and distorted Lennon’s voice.

      1. I’m sure you didn’t know it would be there. It could be that I was targeted (pun not intended but very appropriate) because I live in Alaska, one of the reddest states in the Union. … Didn’t know that about Take 26. … Right now, somewhere, there’s a young garage band whose members admire The Beatles and who are looking for a name.

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