Hallelujah, indeed…

I don’t quite get why  people think Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is celebratory — or that it has anything to do with religion. It’s a song about heartbreak. It’s a song about the pain of love. Yes, there’s beauty — in the song, and even in the pain and heartbreak that often accompany love — but mostly this song is just powerfully sad and deeply moving.

Just now I was thinking about someone who’s dear to me, and this song echoed in my thoughts along with a madrigal of memories, and (just in case anyone’s taking notes!) I found myself thinking I’d like to request that this lovely version by John Cale be played at my funeral someday…along with Take 4 of “Strawberry Fields Forever” and the live version of “Moon River” performed by Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton…








They still haven’t found a cure….

Leonard Cohen confirms that the scientists and the doctors still haven’t found a cure for love…not that it’s an ailment that necessarily demands a remedy…Trivia fans take note: the church he refers to is way down at the south end of Main Street in a small town in the western Massachusetts Berkshires..

Mood music

The music’s setting the mood today…or is the mood setting the music?

A song by Jeff Buckley:

And one by Leonard Cohen:

Hallelujah and Amen.

Last dance

This great song by Leonard Cohen — “Dance Me to the End of Love” — provides a perfect musical accompaniment to “The Nails,” the piece by the new U.S. poet laureate, W.S. Merwin, which I posted earlier today. Listen to Cohen while reading Merwin — and make sure one of your hands is holding a beer for you to cry in…