You’ve got a friend…

A bumper sticker — it said something like “Be Nice to Your Enemies — It Confuses the Hell Out of Them” — got me to thinking, conversely, about friends and the nature of friendship.

When your life’s soundtrack sounds like every sad song you’ve ever heard, when you’re down and lonely and your need a helping hand…thank God you can log on to your Facebook profile…and you know at least half of your hundred thousand million billion zillion Facebook friends will think to pick up the phone or send a quick email just to ask if you’re OK, or maybe tell you that they miss you, or maybe — if Lady Luck smiles and you hit the Game of Life jackpot — just maybe they’ll even tell you they miss you or love you.  You’ve got a hundred thousand million billion zillion Facebook friends? Life is good. Congratulations.

Speaking of waiting on a friend…Here’s what’s probably my favorite song about friendship, and it just happens to be called “Waiting on a Friend.”