Battered and bruised…

This is what can happen when your soul is battered to the point where your spirit is bruised — and the bruises never heal.

Listen to Rick Danko — young, hip, endearing, soulful, so talented  — singing “It Makes No Difference” at The Band’s farewell concert, “The Last Waltz” in the late 1970s.

And now read him and weep as you watch poor Rick Danko — old before his time, overweight, weary, burned out from life — as he sings the song again in the 1990s just before he died from heart failure after years of drug addiction:

Rest in peace, Rick Danko, rest in peace…I pray you are in a place where you are no longer battered by the slams and slaps of love…that you are in a place where your bruises and wounds have all healed.


Friday night soundtrack: “It Makes No Difference”

“Read ’em and weep…”