Blessed Handkerchief is nothing to sneeze at


Mama Rosa, who discovered the Blessed Handkerchief

I am lucky enough to have in my possession a wonderful pamphlet which proclaims the wonders of something which appears to be a simple square of white cloth but is actually the miraculous Blessed Handkerchief.

Turn out that the pamphlet was produced and circulated by The Universal Church, which some folks accuse of being a cult disguised as a religion. The group has locations in a bunch of towns within driving range of where I live. But I won’t be attending any Blessed Handkerchief services. I’m too busy googling “blessed handkerchief” and discovering that THERE’S MORE THAN ONE!!

Pay attention to what follows. At the very end there will be some important information, which I’m saving until the very end to get you to read to the very end.

According to a website I found, back in September 1961, in San Damiano, Italy, the Virgin Mary visited the home of “Mama Rosa Quattrini” and cured her of an incurable and fatal disease. About four years later, the Mother of Jesus Christ appeared again above a pear tree — and promised to come to that spot on the first Friday of every month “until the end of the world.”

About a year later, the Madonna appeared again — this time with God the Father Himself! — and instructed Mama Rosa Quattrini to dig a well. Where? Well, naturally, right at the stop where special guest star St. Michael the Archangel plunged his sword into the ground.

A year later, in 1968, the Holy Mother sweetened her offer to save the world from sin and rescue everybody from eternal damnation, issuing this order to Mama Rosa:

“Bring in quantity some little squares of white material, for example, some little white handkerchiefs.”

The Mother of God then explained (I quote the Virgin’s statement verbatim):

“These little white squares of material are to be given to the numerous sick enabling them to dry their tears. These handkerchiefs will receive a great gift from Me! Those who wipe their eyes will receive the light of Heaven and will understand that Jesus calls them. …Come, come My children, I shall wait for you on October 7th (the Feast of the Holy Rosary). Bring handkerchiefs with you!”

I know I’m probably stating the obvious, but it occurs to me that these handkerchiefs are special hankies. Don’t — I can’t stress this enough — DON’T ever use these to blow your nose or wipe your brow.

The bad news is that Mamma Rosa died in the 1960s. The good news is that the Blessed Handkerchiefs are still available for $2 from some outfit in Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin? No idea.

And here’s the VITALLY important information I promised you would find at the conclusion of this piece. It’s what the Virgin Mary herself revealed this to Mama Rosa about the Blessed Handkerchiefs:

“Use no bleach on them either.”

And so my children….If someone says “Achoo!” what do you do? Don’t hand them your unbleached hankie. Just say “God bless you!”