In a confrontational mooooood

I’m still at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in rural Amherst, Va.. When you pull into the property from Highway 29, you drive up a winding one-lane road that goes right through the middle of a pasture where cows roam free — and sometimes stand right in the middle of the road and refuse to get out of the way.

This morning I drove down toward Lynchburg in search of (not necessarily in this order) Sunday’s New York Times and Washington Post, and a good, filling down-home Southern breakfast. I found both — the papers, surprisingly, at a convenience store in little Amherst, and breakfast at a roadside cafe called Dudley’s Family Style Restaurant in Madison Heights (where the menu includes catfish every Friday night and, ironically, cow brains with scrambled eggs every morning).

When I drove back to Amherst and the VCCA, this cow was standing in the middle of the road and refusing to budge. It just stood there looking at me. And I just sat there looking at it. The staring match lasted about two minutes, until the cow finally decided to step out of the way. Hooray for me, right? Victory for humans vs. cows once again, right?

But then I saw this in my side-view mirror:

The cow was giving me the evil eye! I think I’ll drive out the back entrance tomorrow.