Heavenly peace….


All is Calm, All is Bright…

Two songs that provide the perfect soundtrack as the star rises over Bethlehem: Sinead O’Connor’s beautiful rendition of “Silent Night” and James Taylor’s lovely “Go Tell It On the Mountain”…and a happy Christmas to all of you…

Silent night

I hope and pray this Christmas that all of those I love — and all of those in need of love and hope — are warm, in body and soul. Here’s Eva Cassidy singing the most beautifully perfect song for Christmas:

Quoth The Ravens….

I have reason to believe that Christmas Eve will find me in the company of my own long deep winter thoughts and a tall glass of Bailey’s Irish Creme. As I sit in an apartment somewhere in the swamps of Jersey, as all out-of-doors looks darkly in at me through the thin frost, I will be listening to the greatest-ever rendition of “Silent Night,” recorded by R&B legends The Ravens more than sixty Christmas Eves ago in 1948: